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"We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gave us more freedom. We lived in the gaps between the stories."  Margaret Atwood.

We foster a love of literature, believing in the power of the written and the spoken word. We will challenge your views on life and encourage you to be creative in your responses.

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Key stage 3 English

“I never used to like reading until I came into Mr Gardner’s class and now I can’t keep my eyes off a book.” Sam - Year 8.

“In English, I’ve learnt so much! The work always has a fun side to it, the English teachers are very supportive and I always look forward to the next lesson.”  Ben - Year 7.

We’ll take you on a journey through all forms of literature including plays, poetry and novels of Shakespeare, Dickens, Shelley, Tennyson, Morpurgo  and many others. We will encourage you to discuss writer’s craft and use literature as a spring board for your own creative writing. Speaking and listening is important too and you’ll experience the ‘Dragon’s Den’, Shakespeare workshops and performance poetry penned by yourself.

Key stage 4 English

“The English teachers have been great and the whole team has helped me. I have enjoyed my intervention classes and they have helped me improve the accuracy of my writing. We all get together for OSL and you can tell they are all passionate about literature and that’s been passed onto me.”  Stephen - Year 11.

At KS4 we encourage a deeper analysis, original interpretation and appreciation of the relevant classical works of literature from Conan Doyle, Shakespeare and Russell, while also exploring a range of non-fiction genres and extracts to decipher how authors engage and excite their readers. Poetry of power and conflict is the selection for the AQA Literature exam.

Key stage 5 English

“The lessons are engaging and the teachers offer a vast amount of guidance, useful enough to work through the course at a comfortable pace. I have found studying English Literature to be an overwhelmingly positive experience and my work and confidence has increased.” Kathryn - Year 12.

The debates, disagreements, emotions and ideas of literature come alive in A-level English Literature, through active learning, university style study groups and a range of trips and fierce competitions. We explore a range of tragedies - across poetry, prose and plays - to deconstruct the genre and find the truth behind the human condition. Creep through the cosmopolitan streets of 1940s New Orleans, the kitchen of a salesman on the edge and the docks of war-torn Cyprus, where nothing is as it seems. Or why not delve into the cases of Keats, Poirot and Jackson Brodie as we explore the murders and motives of crime fiction? From the suave noir-detective to the gritty modern police drama, we investigate the texts that defined the genre. All of your learning at A-level is designed to foster independence and academic skills – in preparation for Higher Education as well as the challenges of the real world. We refine analytical and essay writing skills throughout the year through the Non-Examined Assessment – essays written on books of your choosing! With this much to explore, it’s clear that the story’s only just beginning…