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Exam Certificates and Information

Examination Certificates can be collected from the main School Reception between the hours of 8.00am – 3.30pm. Please bring a photographic form of ID with you.

If you are unable to collect your certificates and wish to have someone collect them on your behalf, please send a signed letter with them. They will also need to bring photographic ID with them.

Certificates will be kept for 12 months. After that we dispose of them in confidential waste. 

Information for Candidates - Non-Examination Assessments


Exam Timetables

2019/2020 exam timetables.

Season:   January Exams 2020 (only for students entered for the following exams)

Date AM - 9.00am Year PM - 1.00pm Year
Tuesday 7th January Forensics - Science Investigation Skills Part A 13    
Wednesday 8th January  Sport - Fitness Training and Programming 13 Creative I Media - Preproduction Skills 10 & 11
Thursday 9th January Business - Developing a Marketing Campaign 13 Digital Media & Emerging Technologies 12
Friday 10th January H&S - Human Lifespan Development 12    
Monday 13th January H&S - Working in Health & Social Care 13    
Tuesday 14th January     Forensics - Biology 12
Wednesday 15th January Forensics - Chemistry 12 Forensics - Physics 12
Monday 20th January Forensics - Science Investigation Skills Part B 13    
Monday 3rd February Enterprise - Promotion & Finance for Enterprise 11    
Friday 7th February H&S - Health & Wellbeing 11    


Season:   Year 8 Mock Exams 2020

Date AM - 9.00am PM - 1.00pm
Monday 3rd February  English  1hr 15mins       French Reading & Writing  45mins
Tuesday 4th February Maths  1hr 30mins History  1hr
Wednesday 5th February      
Thursday 6th February Science  1hr  Geography  45mins
Friday 7th February    


Season:   Year 11 Mock Exams 2020

Date AM - 9.00am PM - 1.00pm
Monday 10th February Science Biology  1hr 10mins   Maths paper 1/4  1hr 30mins
Tuesday 11th February English Language paper 1  1hr 45mins  
Wednesday 12th February   Science Chemistry  1hr 10mins
Thursday 13th February English Literature paper 1   1hr 45mins French Writing  1hr
Friday 14th February Maths paper 2/5  1hr 30mins       
Monday 24th February Geography paper 1  1hr 30mins
History Paper 1  1hr 45mins 
Spanish Writing  1hr
Tuesday 25th February D&T paper 1  2hrs  Food & Nutrition paper 1  1hr 45mins
Wednesday 26th February   Science Physics  1hr 10mins
Thursday 27th February English Literature paper 2  2hrs 15mins French Listening & Reading  1hr 30mins
Friday 28th February Spanish Listening & Reading  1hr 30mins  Maths paper 3/6  1hr 30mins
Monday 2nd March English Language paper 2   1hr 45mins  
Tuesday 3rd March Geography Paper 2  1hr 30mins  
History Paper 2  1hr 20mins