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Telephone : 01227 931300 Email : Office

Parent Communications

Clear communication is very important at The Whitstable School.  We use the following methods of communication to pass information onto our parents and carers.

Email and text

We use the parental contact email and mobile phone number stored in our database.  It is vitally important you inform us of any changes to either your email address or mobile phone number.  Urgent, non-urgent and pupils specific information is distributed in this way.

Letters home

We will send letters home directly in the post or with your child.  Copies of all letters sent can be found HERE.

Contact information

All the contact information for the school and staff with responsibility can be found HERE.

Parents' evenings

Parents evenings give parents an opportunity to meet and discuss progress with subject teachers.  We use a simple online booking system that is managed by parents.  A link can be found HERE.  You will be notified via text and/or email when the system becomes live for your child's year group.


@TheWhitSchool is our Twitter page, follow us!  Twitter will give you updates and an insight into our school on a frequent basis.  Do not contact us via Twitter for important matters.  Please use one of the contacts found HERE.

Parent feedback forum

A forum for parents to see and share the priorities and future direction of the school.  It is always run by senior leaders and provides an excellent opportunity to understand the bigger picture of the school and 'putting learning first'.  Click HERE for meeting agendas and dates.

Show My Homework (SMHW)

The Whitstable School uses SMHW to set, share and monitor homework.  Parents have access to the system via a 'parent pin'.  This gives parents chance to see the homework set, deadlines and completion rates.  Click HERE to access the page.