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Update from Jon Whitcombe, Trust Principal -

Secondary Statement

As you will be aware, the DfE has stated that Year 10 and Year 12 students will receive some “face to face” contact with their teachers during Term 6. Currently, we are awaiting guidance from the DfE as to what this means in practice. 

Once the guidance is published we will develop our plans and make the necessary arrangements. On June 1st we will write to you explaining what “face to face” means in practice and we will be in a position to confirm when this will commence. 

Please note that the current arrangements for online teaching for Years 10 and 12 will continue until further notice.

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Telephone : 01227 931300 Email : Office

Welcome September 2020 Starters!

Message from Ms Gee (Progress Leader for Year 7):

We are really looking forward to getting back to school and meeting you as you move from Year 6 into Year 7. Usually we have a week’s worth of lessons at the beginning of July known as ‘Transition Week’. At the moment, we’re not sure whether this will go ahead or not; so this web page is to give you a taste of what life in secondary school will be like. We’re hoping that we’ll answer some of your questions, give you a positive experience and settle any nerves before the summer holidays. 

We would love to hear from you. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, then email Ms Gee and she will get back to you.  

Reflections from some of our current Year 7 pupils:

I believe that the school is suited for every student and you’ll get lots of help. You have so much fun, even when you are learning.’

‘I was ready to move on to big school and straight away I knew I was going to be happy here.’

‘I was a bit nervous on the first morning but everyone was helpful and I saw some friends who were in Year 8 which was lovely.’


Below are some of the staff members you will see regularly while you are in Year 7 and who are available to support you:

Ms Gee - Progress Leader

I look after your academic progress and monitor you closely. I make sure you work well and ensure everything is in place in the classroom so you improve throughout the year.


Mrs Stephens - Pastoral Support Manager (PSM)

I look after your social and emotional well-being. If you have any issues which impact on you, I will support you in resolving issues.


Your form mentor

You will see your form mentor every day, they will become the bridge between you, your family and the school.

House leaders:

 If you are in Victory house, you will work closely alongside Mr Granville.




If you are in Endeavour house, Miss Connolly will be your house leader.