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IB Subjects - Film

As film students you will be expected to be curious, creative, independent, passionate and hard working throughout the course - it is most definitely not the “easy” option! You will find the structure and approach very similar to English and study films as “texts” as you would study books in English Literature.


1. Re-watch your favourite film. Write an essay discussing the following:

-The characters - how they are presented, why are they presented this way, what costumes have been chosen and why? Makeup? Body language and facial expressions? How is their story communicated through the choices of the director?

-The locations - what locations have been chosen and why? What do they tell us about the storyline and the characters?

-Your favourite scenes - what camera techniques have been used and why? How does the camerawork communicate the story? Why has the director chosen certain props, character costumes? camera angles? Makeup? Lighting? Sound? What is the director trying to tell us with these choices?

2. “Cinema is dead and film is a dying medium”

Discuss. Thoughtfulness and effort in your responses will be appreciated!

Please email Miss Coleman if you have any questions.


An Introduction to Film Studies 

How to Read a Film 

The Cinema Book 

The Story of Film 

Useful Websites Examining Board and course details - Click here



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Mark Kermodes - Secrets of Cinema on BBC IPlayer

For a fascinating introduction to film language and the concept of examining film and television - all of these episodes make for relevant watching.

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