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Update from Jon Whitcombe, Trust Principal -

Secondary Statement

As you will be aware, the DfE has stated that Year 10 and Year 12 students will receive some “face to face” contact with their teachers during Term 6. Currently, we are awaiting guidance from the DfE as to what this means in practice. 

Once the guidance is published we will develop our plans and make the necessary arrangements. On June 1st we will write to you explaining what “face to face” means in practice and we will be in a position to confirm when this will commence. 

Please note that the current arrangements for online teaching for Years 10 and 12 will continue until further notice.

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A levels - History



Task 1: A brief timeline of British History.

Create a timeline from 1750 to 1900 to cover the political, social and economic changes occurring in Britain during this time period.

Remember that a timeline is a mathematical graph so it should have a scale of some sort (e.g. 1cm = 100 years).

You will need to do some research to be able to create this timeline. Please see the following suggestions of sources to help you in your research:

  1. Article by Asa Briggs

  2. Prime Ministers and Politics Timeline, BBC

  3. Agricultural Revolution in England, BBC

  4. History Learning Site; The Industrial Revolution

Task 2: To what extent was Britain a reformed nation by 1900?

Write one page explaining your observations from the timeline.

  • Explain how far Britain appeared to be ‘reformed’.

(e.g. geographically, socially, culturally, politically, religiously, economically etc.).

  • Give examples from your timeline to back up your ideas.

  • What factors seem to encourage reform? Give an example.

  • What factors seem to hinder reform? Give an example.


Please email any concerns to

Have a lovely summer break and we look forward to seeing you in September.

If you have any free time, I encourage you to do some background reading. Here is a selection of useful resources.

You could also try the Seneca tasks here