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Update from Jon Whitcombe, Trust Principal -

Secondary Statement

As you will be aware, the DfE has stated that Year 10 and Year 12 students will receive some “face to face” contact with their teachers during Term 6. Currently, we are awaiting guidance from the DfE as to what this means in practice. 

Once the guidance is published we will develop our plans and make the necessary arrangements. On June 1st we will write to you explaining what “face to face” means in practice and we will be in a position to confirm when this will commence. 

Please note that the current arrangements for online teaching for Years 10 and 12 will continue until further notice.

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Welcome to the brand new Sixth Form Transition website. We hope this will enable you to get a head start on course information and reading, ready for when you start your Sixth Form studies.

You will find all the different subjects listed in the navigation dropdown.

If you want to find out more about a subject or wish to complete more tasks then please contact the
subject leader for that subject.

I cannot wait to see you all in the new academic year. In the meantime, please have a good look around and try the tasks set and watch some recommended programs. Most subjects have also given recommended reading lists.

Please email me if you encounter any problems, enjoy the site!

All the best,

Mrs Brown
Head of Sixth Form