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Preparing your child to return to the school environment

Below are a variety of resources which have been created for families to help them prepare children for the transition back to school.  Click on the bold titles to access the resources.

The following include:

  • Examples of social stories;
  • A list of suggested activities that families can do at home to help children prepare;
  • A worksheet / activity to complete with children around their worries

Social Story 1

Social Story 2

Social Story 3

Social Story 4

Social Story 5

Social Story 6

Suggested home activities to help with transition

Worry Triggers


Further resources for families:


Building Resilience - Parent Pamphlet

Growth Mindset - Parent Pamphlet

Making the Change - Parent Pamphlet

Getting Ready to Go Big

Transition into Secondary School - Parent Pamphlet

Helping Your Child Get Into Good Habits - Parent Pamphlet