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IB Core - Reflective Project

The current global situation will seem very strange and challenging to all of us at times, but it does offer you as potential Reflective Project students a contemporary opportunity to explore ethical issues and dilemmas created by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Depending on what your other areas of study will be, try to think what ethical issues and dilemmas arising from the current situation could apply to your area of study.
  • Is online shopping for non-essential items putting people at unnecessary risk?

  • Have workers’ rights been strengthened or weakened by the covid-19 outbreak?

  • Has the global pandemic revealed inherent flaws in the use of statistics?

  • Is the policy of ‘herd immunity’ defensible?

  • Should advertisers include a pandemic ‘narrative’ in their advertising in order to sell non-essential goods?

  • Would you rather live in a single-party state or a democracy during a pandemic?

For some light relief, you might want to watch The Good Place on Netflix (see attached link). It is a light-heated romp through the world of philosophy and ethics which is very funny at times, but is based on some quite profound, ancient principles.