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A levels - History



Task 1: A brief timeline of British History.

Create a timeline from 1750 to 1900 to cover the political, social and economic changes occurring in Britain during this time period.

Remember that a timeline is a mathematical graph so it should have a scale of some sort (e.g. 1cm = 100 years).

You will need to do some research to be able to create this timeline. Please see the following suggestions of sources to help you in your research:

  1. Article by Asa Briggs

  2. Prime Ministers and Politics Timeline, BBC

  3. Agricultural Revolution in England, BBC

  4. History Learning Site; The Industrial Revolution

Task 2: To what extent was Britain a reformed nation by 1900?

Write one page explaining your observations from the timeline.

  • Explain how far Britain appeared to be ‘reformed’.

(e.g. geographically, socially, culturally, politically, religiously, economically etc.).

  • Give examples from your timeline to back up your ideas.

  • What factors seem to encourage reform? Give an example.

  • What factors seem to hinder reform? Give an example.


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Have a lovely summer break and we look forward to seeing you in September.

If you have any free time, I encourage you to do some background reading. Here is a selection of useful resources.

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