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Going the Extra Mile


Please see below, a lovely, positive message from Mrs Scott, a parent governor at TWS:

Going the Extra Mile

It has struck me more than ever this term how lucky we are to be part of a school which is so clearly on an exciting journey. 

Let's reflect for a moment on how far we have come as a school community in the last few years. Already blessed with a beautiful location in a unique and creative community, gradually the elements have been coming together term by term, and it feels as though our school is now blossoming before our very eyes!

As a Parent Governor for the last three years, I am now more than ever aware that these things don't just happen. The work behind the scenes is immense and tireless. The planning, the evaluating, the analysing, the constant challenges. Securing the right team, delivering the right lessons, responding in the best way to the very individual needs of a diverse mix of students. Teaching and inspiring, managing and engaging, coaching and moulding. The day job for our teachers is intense. 


At the end of possibly the busiest term of the year, I want to just think about those teachers who do even more, beyond the day job. Spending evenings and weekends with our children purely for the love of it! In the last few weeks my two kids between them have been to the university for a day, travelled to Eastbourne for a Shakespeare festival (a late night all round), performed in a new rock band in the school studio, been on stage at the Marlowe, performed in Bugsy Malone... plus of course started their new timetables and sat mock exams. I know there have also been countless sports events, a Duke Of Edinburgh expedition, the annual art exhibition, and the list goes on.

The programme of work and the constant evolving of our school is no mean feat to manage. The number one priority for TWS is improving outcomes for all our children. The fact that at the same time, we are witnessing the flourishing of a new creative school which celebrates the talents of everyone, is pretty amazing. There is plenty more work to do. But aren't we lucky to have children blooming in a school that appreciates the individuality of them all, with incredible teachers who are going the extra mile?

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