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Shakespeare by the Sea


CCW has joined forces with the Royal Shakespeare Associate School’s programme to celebrate and engage with the works of William Shakespeare.

Staff at the school will undergo training to deliver lessons on Shakespeare that are exciting, relevant and most of all active. “We believe”, said Ms Gee – Assistant Headteacher and Literacy Lead – “that the only way to teach Shakespeare is to actively engage with his words and ideas. Shakespeare wrote plays to be performed, to be heard, to be seen. We want to give our students the same experience so that they might fully enjoy and appreciate his works”.

The school is also excited that students will be able to take their knowledge and active approaches out into the community – performing at local venues and alongside other local schools. The school hopes to share its long-standing passion and commitment to the arts with the wider community.

Furthermore, students at The Community College Whitstable will soon be treading the boards of the internationally acclaimed Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon, as they will have the opportunity to audition for a headline role in a schools’ production of Shakespeare’s supernatural Scottish play – Macbeth. Rehearsals in the school’s Shakespeare Club, named “Shakespeare by the Sea”, will also allow students to collaborate with local partners and earn a number of opportunities to perform as part of the wider RSC Associate School network.

The Royal Shakespeare Company is, arguably, the most famous modern producer of Shakespeare’s plays, having played host to a whole scope of British talent: from Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Judi Dench to Tom Hiddleston and David Tennant. The Community College Whitstable are incredibly proud that some of its students might have the same opportunities!

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