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Our motto is “Putting Learning First”.  Teaching is most effectively delivered in traditional classrooms; we use our open spaces within our curriculum areas when needed.

The Community College Whitstable will:

  • have high expectations of our pupils and our staff as life-long learners
  • aspire for achievement beyond expectation
  • focus on learning, engagement and progress
  • celebrate shared values showing care, courtesy and consideration              

CCW’s curriculum has been designed to flexibly meet the needs of today’s pupils and help them thrive amidst the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s world.  At the end of Year 8 pupils are given an element of choice in their curriculum, choosing from creative arts, sports science and technology.

Achievement in all subjects is monitored closely ensuring aspirational but realistic targets are set for each learner. The targets will be shared and the journey towards achievement will be celebrated throughout the college community. Pupil voice is gathered to enable the pupil body to be listened to and help shape their school.

Conduct throughout the college shows care, courtesy and consideration. Pupils that fall short of expectations will be dealt with swiftly, effectively and fairly. Mutual respect permeates the school and relationships between staff and pupils are positive. A form tutor meets your child every day and delivers engaging activities that prepare pupils with transferable skills and support wellbeing.

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3 days ago

Year 11 Geographers were busy conducting field work this week about the impact of regeneration in #Margate. #GSCE… Link

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3 days ago

Pupils had an amazing time on the Ski trip this year to Andorra! Planning is in place for next year's trip - watch… Link

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6 days ago

Welcome back to all pupils and staff! 📚📏📐🖋️✏️📝📖 #Term5 #WelcomeBack #backtostudy #WorkHard #studying #Whitstable

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  • Year 11 Parents Evening


  • Year 7+8 MOCK EXAMS (week 1)


  • Year 9+10 MOCK EXAMS (week 1)
  • Year 7+8 MOCK EXAMS (week 2)

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